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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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  • cube
    Apr 24, 07:48 AM
    I did say next gen.

    I don't think Bobcat+. I would say Stars+ this year or Bulldozer+ next year.

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  • bdj21ya
    Sep 15, 07:04 PM
    Most current phones have 64 MB of memory. According to actviity monitor, simple widgets like Gas, and Sol take between 6.2 - 8 MB of memory, where the more gui type of widgets take 20 - 32 MB of memory. Put that load on a typical phone with a OS and apps like iChat, iTunes, etc... It won't fly unless you can cram 1 GB into iPhone.

    Cram 1GB? Have you seen the 8GB iPod Nano? What are you talking about? Isn't flash memory capable of being used for running processes, or is it too slow?

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  • rhomsy
    Apr 4, 12:46 PM
    How long before we hear "the security guard acted stupidly" ?????

    The guards did their job. They encountered thieves...they were fired upon, and they protected themselves and ended the situation.

    For those of you that think that the guards should not have returned fire because one of the criminals died, consider that:

    1. If policy is to not intervene during a burglary when the perpetrators are armed, then you not only encourage more burglaries, but more will be of the armed and dangerous variety.

    2. The poor person that was shot in the head was obviously a waste of oxygen, and doesn't merit pity. The scumbag not only was trying to steal property, but when he was caught, he had no regard for human life and started firing at the guards.

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  • brewno
    Apr 14, 12:10 PM
    Nice. USB3 on a MBP, all I wanted. My '07 MBP C2D is still running perfectly. It can wait a year for it :) I already have a 2Tb USB3 external HD waiting for it.

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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Apr 11, 03:28 PM
    XBMC might finally be able to totally replace Apple's own software with the same basic functionality (other than rentals). The only thing it lacks really is AirTunes and video tag reading (the latter of which I gather is already supposed to appear in the next major release). An AppleTV Gen1 with a Crystal card running Linux would then be quite the system with full 1080p output and yet still be able to sync music to other speakers in the house with iTunes.

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  • danuff
    Nov 13, 03:24 PM
    Lets see how long they will stay away. There are buckets of DOLLARS waiting to be made in the App Store.

    Where are you getting this information from, fact or rumor?

    While it is true that SOME apps have taken off and earn big bucks, most of the apps do not. But that's the perception that Apple wants you to think, so they can lure new developers in, and only to frustrate them with Apple's review process.

    I hope this begins a domino effect to MAKE Apple rethink the entire review process - but, sadly, it probably won't.


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  • milo
    Aug 29, 07:49 AM

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  • bpaluzzi
    May 4, 03:53 AM
    Talk about "bleeding edge"....lots of complaints about video adapters not working on the Apple forums and almost nobody makes a monitor/TV with Thunderbolt I/O....yet.

    Maybe there is a "tsunami" of thunderbolt devices coming....but right now the cupboard is pretty bare.

    I'll wait until the "guests show up to Apple's Thunderbolt Party".....before showing up with my $$$.

    How can people not understand this? You need to build the computers with the ports before the peripherals. Immediately after Apple released the MBP with Thunderbolt, the peripherals were being announced.

    Did you really think the peripheral companies would line up to build stuff that can't be used on any computers?

    This isn't a "chicken/egg" problem at all. It could only ever work in one direction: computer first, then peripheral.

    Why? Because the computer still works, even if you don't have anything to plug into the new port.

    How is anyone surprised by this?

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  • redvettez06
    Apr 28, 05:00 PM
    Illegal and abusive monopolistic practices, as opposed to a legitimate market domination based on innovation and organic growth.

    Hey Pot, I'd like you to meet my friend Kettle.

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  • Fraghax
    Apr 4, 12:16 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    That security guard shoots better than the LA police. Lol

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  • Digital Skunk
    Apr 22, 12:21 PM
    Now there's 100GB BDXL. There's plenty of time for Blu-Ray to keep on living on notebooks.

    True, but I doubt Apple will put them in their machines and/or peripherals. I'd love to keep a third offsite backup of my information with BDXL, and I can with 3rd party hardware.

    I think one of the biggest things holding me back though is the price of the discs.

    I hope they bring back the backlit keyboard.

    Same here! 100% same here!

    I have been holding back on buying a 13" Air for the backlit keyboard and Thunderbolt.

    If I get both it'll be a definite buy. If I get just TB, then I may just consider the MBP.

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  • iMeowbot
    Sep 14, 09:32 AM
    Photokina is a photo convention. Not a computer convention.
    So what? Last year alongside the Photo Plus Expo, Apple introduced Aperture, the quad G5 machines, and the last iteration of PowerBooks.

    long haired dachshund puppies. dapple long haired dachshund puppies. a long haired dachshund; a long haired dachshund. iEvolution. Apr 19, 06:51 PM. So when is apple going to sue over the
  • dapple long haired dachshund puppies. a long haired dachshund; a long haired dachshund. iEvolution. Apr 19, 06:51 PM. So when is apple going to sue over the

  • Glideslope
    Apr 4, 11:49 AM
    Head Shot. Well done. :apple:

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  • crap freakboy
    Jul 14, 11:28 AM
    Remember that the pulse width is the reciprocal of frequency. At 4 GHz, the pulse width is 250 picoseconds. Light travels 0.000075 km in 250 picoseconds. There are 1 million mm in a km, hence light travels about 75mm in that time.

    The size of the Core 2 chip is 143 square mm, or about 12mm x 12mm and getting smaller with each new process generation. At 4GHz, a single pulse can go back and forth across the chip at least 6 times.

    In practice, propagation delays of this type are analyzed by CAD tools and the chip's physical layout is designed to minimize the signal path.

    that was just noise.

    Either way I'll wait until the imac gets a desktop chip rather than a Laptop one.

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  • n-abounds
    Sep 8, 09:00 AM
    Because I don't know much about computers- can Leopard run on just Core Duo processors or does it need to be Core 2 Duo?

    Leopard will even run on PowerPC macs.

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  • Eraserhead
    Apr 11, 03:22 AM
    55 miles to the gallon isn't even abnormal, a lot of standard hatchbacks/small family cars do that and more.

    55 miles per US gallon ;). Thats 70 miles per imperial gallon as US gallons are smaller.

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  • CalBoy
    Apr 25, 01:24 AM
    I will agree that it's rude of people to not allow others to pass when they are in the fast lane, but 90mph?! Are you joking? If you had been caught doing this maneuver of yours, it would have been a wreckless speeding ticket plus possible insurance fraud inquiries.

    Thank god the biggest wreck you caused today was this thread.

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 14, 01:22 PM
    To all you G5/PPC fanboys:


    You're impressed that a chip not even available yet beats a chip from june 2003?

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  • JoeG4
    Apr 25, 04:27 AM
    Nor does having a 2400 SAT score and confusing "their" with "there", along with various other errors in his writing - which even for a forum are somewhat unacceptable lol.

    Still, it's kinda scary that someone with this kind of mindset is allowed to drive. Under no circumstances should you ever even think of running someone off the road.

    Sep 9, 02:16 PM
    Heh, that's pretty funny. I have quite a few applications that'll hit one core at 100%. (Q emulator is the best example) Luckily, even though it's not multi-threaded a have another core free to do my work while Q eats up 100% of one.

    I run Windows 98 in Q for laughs. I liked Windows 98...Exactly. A perfect example where one application topping out on only one core leaves the entire other one for other stuff. Probably a good thing to have that limit.

    In fact, in future, I could see where application developers let the user in preferences tell the application how many cores to be allowed to use. Give the user a choice of how many cores he/she wants a particular process to use. That would be a way cool improvement in all application preferences. Would prevent any one applicaiton from hosing the computer due to core hogging.

    Sep 14, 12:14 PM
    A camera isnt only about MP. The weakest link of the camera in phones is the optics. You just cant get good pics from a camera phone due to the limited formfactor, even if you had 3200 MP.
    So yes, in a foreseeable furture, the cameras in phones are crap.

    There are software solutions that promise a different future than what you envision. DXO Optics made an announcement recently about using software to drastically correct cell phone camera pictures. Shouldn't be long...

    Apr 19, 10:39 AM
    that's because samsung supplies all these companies with parts for their phones. Sue Samsung, risk getting the shaft on internals! We'll see what happens.

    Apple has many, many billions just sitting in the bank. Morals and rivalries are always set aside when money comes into play. Samsung may not like the fact that they're getting sued by them, but you can sure as hell bet they won't care when Apple is looking to give them billions of dollars for their products.

    Will be settled out of court with no disclosure of terms. Fees/royaltys will be paid....life goes on.

    These are business actions and have little to do with what's right and wrong.

    This is most likely what will happen. There'll be a lot of angry looks and huffed chests coming from both camps, but it'll all work out.

    Aug 23, 06:12 PM
    $100 million? Yikes. :eek:
    And thats getting off easy. This amount of money is nothing compared to the profits Apple have made off using 'Creative's technology'. And it bodes well for Apple cos they can continue using it :)

    Mar 23, 03:34 PM
    As a long time PC user who is just getting frustrated with the windows experience, I am looking forward to seeing what Mac has to offer in the coming months.

    I've been using Windows since 3.1 (ugh) and Mac since 1990. I use both today - Mac by choice, Windows not by choice.

    I think you're in for quite a pleasant surprise if/when you make the transition.

    I converted to Linux in 2007 and Mac in 2009 after using Windows since version 3.1 and don't miss a thing! It's true what they say "Mac's just work."

    The resident professional Microsoft astroturfers will be here shortly to point out the error of your ways. ;)

    I heard lame snide remarks like yours when USB first showed up. "Only Macs have it! Are you sure compatible devices will arrive within 22 years? What USB devices are you planning to buy? When will they be available?" You don't even have the name right. Meh.

    The diehard Windows apologists have a hard time seeing beyond the monitor in front of them.