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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • aloshka
    Mar 29, 01:09 PM
    Looking at the figures right now anyone can easily see that iOS is not the dominating platform. Not even the second most popular (which is Symbian), but does anyone really care ?. Same case with the Macs and Mac OS X.

    I would really like to see Microsoft step up the game because in the end, we customers are the ones receiving most benefit.

    I had been a loyal Windows user (up to Windows 7) when I switched to Mac last year. My take is that Windows and its creators are not technically inferior to Mac OS and Apple, but their corporate philosophy has never sported the acumen and, guess what, common sense with which Steve Jobs makes the his products so pleasant to use and look at.

    I'm with you 100%, I just wish Apple would focus better on development languages, frameworks & environments. XCode4 is wonderful, but objective-c and the apple SDK libraries suck. Microsoft really wins with .NET where things are just logically placed and powerful. Apple SDK, however, you have some libraries that are in C, you have some that are in Objective-C, you have some that use a mixture of both. It feels like they glued crap together last minute, but never cleaned it up. This is actually why a lot of powerful software for the MAC is unavailable outside of already C-compiled programs like photoshop, etc. Take for instance Quicken, no good Mac alternative period. When I decided to develop it myself and make millions (joke), I realized that it would take me twice as long to develop a decent mac application because I had to design around memory management, etc that you simply don't worry about in .NET. Databases, etc, PIA. Yes, I understand it requires developers to think ahead, but it also means decent software for the mac requires teams on top of teams to develop thus software still sucks on the MAC outside of what Apple had their 10-man teams build in over a year (ie iWork, etc)

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  • Macnoviz
    Oct 13, 01:42 AM
    Look at the Story on the front page of the chicago tribune, it's true. It says right there that apple is introducing a Red iPod Nano, it's not photoshoped you goofs.

    I hope you noticed the :D , because I do know that wasn't photoshopped

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  • billyboy
    Sep 17, 07:28 AM

    ...the US which, sure, adopted cell phone use, but the landline service infrastructure that was already in palce held them back-why shell out for new tech when we can plug the old tech and rake in the money. It's funny, the US initial lead actually turned to a disadvantage for them (us).

    Europe is so far ahead of the US in what and how cell phone technolgy is used.

    Within the US, innovate or die, and elegant solutions to technology seem to be a purely Apple idea. US cell phones and cars, to name but two, seem to be archaic in design and function compared to elsewhere in the world. With that latest gold trimmed Cadillac SUV the size of a small bus and a 1980´s flip up phone, the US is all set to lead the way to retro.

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  • Zoom Not Available : Vector images are scalable to any size. Happy Easter card with funny chickens and broken eggshell.

  • mattwolfmatt
    Apr 4, 12:10 PM
    As the story says: "A private armed security guard interrupted the burglars and at some point, gunfire was exchanged with the two male burglars, who were also armed, Facicci said."

    The burglars were shooting at him also. So the security guard acting in self defense. It wasn't like they were unarmed and while they ran away he shot them.

    From the article:

    A private armed security guard interrupted the burglars and at some point, gunfire was exchanged with the two male burglars, who were also armed, Facicci said.

    Only in America, can you have the intention to hurt/kill others, but until an x amount of people are hurt/shot or raped, then charges can be pressed allow criminals to make multiple attempts until they have a good successful one before they are official caught/punished. What the hell did he think would happen robbing a store while being armed? Cops would give him lollipops? Come on, people that rob banks shouldn't be "surprised" that they were shot. He knew the consequences of armed robbery.

    I feel I must defend my original post from page 1 . . . when I posted that, there was no mention of gunfire in the article. This story has been updated since I posted my question of whether the guard had the right to do what he did. And as I said, there are facts we don't know yet.

    Don't jump all over someone for not reading the article, when the article you are referring to wasn't posted yet.

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  • zz5555
    Sep 9, 09:00 AM
    The fact that the new iMacs can't address more than 3Gb of memory and are therefore operating on a 32bit logic-board makes me doubtful as to whether or not these systems are really 64-bit capable... It seems like some kind of hybrid 32/64bit system.

    Will the C2D iMacs be able to run 64bit code, despite not having the 64bit address space (and being able to access over 4Gb or RAM)?

    I would expect so. I would think that userland apps will get a 64bit address space that's just mapped to 32bits in the kernel. But I've been known to be wrong before. :)


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  • thisisahughes
    Mar 23, 03:48 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8F190)

    How are you MBP owners liking your Thunderbolt port? Do you feel like someone with a DVD disk in 1975?

    I hadn't quite looked at it like that.

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  • bloodycape
    Aug 24, 03:03 AM
    I still wish they made them for Apple. Looks like they might! Awesome!!!
    New rumor!
    Well if they were already make some accessories for the ipod they might actually be tempted to make one or two products sound cards for apple. What I would love to see is Creative licensing their X-FI audo tech to apple to put in the ipod. I have been hearing nothing but good things about X-Fi.

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  • MacMan86
    Apr 11, 06:34 AM
    Because the 3rd party device could be in your neighbours house so your neighbour can see or hear anything that is played through AirPlay from your devices without you knowing. And you might be playing stuff that you wouldn't want your neighbour to see.

    That's not quite correct. Yes, the RAOP stream can now be decrypted, but the stream itself goes over your Wi-Fi network. So long as your Wi-Fi network is secure then no one outside the network can touch the stream. And if you haven't got WPA2 set up, you've got far bigger problems than your neighbours watching your homemade p0rn.

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  • muncyweb
    Mar 23, 06:34 PM
    in the us you are a criminal by default

    Agreed. Most people don't even know that as U.S. citizens they are not a party to the Bill of Rights. The only right of a U.S. citizen is the right to live here. They took care of that over 140 years ago.

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  • mobi
    Mar 29, 11:23 AM
    Thank you for the chuckle during the lunch hour :D

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  • rickdollar
    Apr 30, 06:20 PM
    I don't see why people here are saying USB3 won't go anywhere. Portable hard drives are already using it =\

    I think it will be just as big as USB2 was. Why wouldn't it? I would be surprised if all the PC vendors shipped machines with TB, if history is any indication. Far more Windows PC's were shipped with USB2 than FW. That may change this time around with TB but I doubt it.

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  • diamond.g
    Apr 15, 03:29 PM
    You have to admit this thread is really funny.

    How many times have we heard Apple lovers say it's not all about "specs" and the general public are not interested in "specs" and rubbish others when they say how much better spec their PC might be.

    And yet, now that Apple has the high specs, all of a sudden THIS IS the most important thing.

    No average consumer is ever going to notice the difference between USB3 and Thunderbolt, in fact USB3 will be better for the general user experience as it's backwards compatible.

    But now, sod the typical consumer, the only thing that matters now is specs.

    Oh, you have to laugh don't you :D
    It is par for course.
    Just like we didn't need quad core cause it was too hot for no benefit. Or we didn't need 3G in the 2007 iPhone cause WiFi was good enough. Or that we don't need LTE cause HSDPA+ is fast enough.


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  • BRLawyer
    Apr 28, 03:53 PM
    Just because Apple's profit was higher doesn't dispel the end for Microsoft or Google. Every company in American except one made less profit that Apple, and trust me, they aren't all "doomed or Dead"....

    Grow up Mr. Lawyer!

    You are probably new here, right? :rolleyes:

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  • scoobydoo99
    Apr 20, 10:07 AM
    Will be interesting to see Apple's response to this. I don't necessarily mind the data being collected for things like find my iPhone and forensics but I'd like it to be very well secured.

    Not sure what you are saying. You don't mind it being collected for forensics, yet you want it to be secured???

    Forensics is the collection of data/information for legal purposes. This often entails surreptitious surveillance or electronic eavesdropping. By definition, the forensic investigation of your personal activities will NOT be "secured." On the contrary, a forensic investigation will seek to either covertly or directly obtain every available piece of personal information stored about you. Whether you are accused of a crime or just being surveilled and whether you are guilty or innocent is irrelevant. The point is, the information is available for anyone to obtain.

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 20, 10:04 AM
    With respect to all the "view with alarm" postings that will follow, this really doesn't mean anything. I leave my home at the same time every morning. The transponder in my car records my passage and debits my account with the state highway department. Traffic cameras record my license plate at several points during my journey. Once out of the car, my smiling phiz can be seen on any number of CCTVs en route to my office, whose door I open with a card that automatically records my entry. The IP address of this posting will reveal that I am sitting in my living room as I write. Even without the GPS turned on, my phone regularly initiates a conversation with the local cell tower. I can be found with almost pinpoint accuracy.

    So I'm not exactly going to panic to learn that my computer and phone keep a record of my latitude and longitude that they don't share with anyone else.

    The government already knows where I live, where I work, where I bank, and all kinds of other interesting information. It's how they collect their taxes and send me my mail.

    If there were the slightest indication that liberals, atheists, and other enemies of the state were being tracked by their GPSes and rounded up, I'd be the first to the barricades. But there isn't. Our privacy is not based on "nobody knows", it's based on "nobody cares."

    You're dead on. Use a GPS device in your car? Can be tracked. Onstar? Tracked. Red light cameras, CCTV at buildings, etc? Yep, tracked.

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  • FrankySavvy
    Mar 22, 01:48 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Psyched! Late April, Early Nay would be perfect timing for me to pick up a brand new iMac. :)

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  • GFLPraxis
    Apr 30, 01:14 PM
    Great, now can someone please release a product that actually uses Thunderbolt so I can get it for my MBP?

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 16, 12:10 PM
    The market screams for an Apple phone. The above architecture is a basic excellent expected product. Still even a video ichat internet communicating device ( of course camera capable )
    would be "hot" for the market inroading mac populace. C'mon Steve this cant be that challenging!!

    I don't know if the market in general is screaming for an Apple phone, but it would certainly add an interesting element to an oversaturated market filled with crap product.

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  • Kyllle
    Apr 25, 04:22 PM
    After getting an iPhone 4 a few months ago, I've been finding myself increasingly drawn to other Apple products (what a surprise).
    I currently have an HP laptop from late and although the hardware isn't really out of date, I'm really excited to switch over to a MBP 15 hopefully around Christmas, once I've saved up enough money.

    I'm hoping the new MBPs will get a new design this fall, because if they don't and I buy one at Christmas, I know they'll get some major update as soon as I buy mine.
    Although I can't really think of a better design, I'm sure Apple will think of something that none of us have. I agree with others that dropping the optical drive would be nice to free up space for perhaps an SSD, as I use mine maybe every few months, but I don't see Apple doing this anytime soon as the MBP is supposed to be Apple's full-featured notebook. Maybe in about 2 years, but not now.

    I don't think the MBPs, already under an inch, would really benefit from getting thinner, instead I'd rather see either a bigger battery or SSD (128gb?). I have a 500gb HD right now, and only use about 150 of it, so I could probably live with a 128gb SSD alone, especially if it was included in the 15's $1800 base price.

    Sep 10, 09:50 PM
    An $800 difference in 2.66 to 3.0 GHz Xeon?

    Actually, look at the Dell Precision 490 Workstation - going from dual 3.0 (Intel 5160) down to a dual 2.66 (Intel 5150) is $410/processor, or an $820 difference in price. Not Apple pushing that one.

    I'm guessing any 8-core machine will initially be a top-entry (ala "fastest") if it is introduced too soon, and not affect the whole lineup. Otherwise I will have more trouble convincing myself to buy the dual 3.0 now :). That Mac + iPod promo ends this week!

    Sep 9, 10:19 AM
    Faster processor, double the RAM, cheaper AND 21-37% better game performance:

    New 17" C2D is 37% faster in UT 2004 than old 17" CD.
    New 17" C2D is 21% faster in UT 2004 than old 20" CD.
    New 20" C2D is 37.5% faster in UT 2004 than old 20" CD.

    and I don't even play UT 2004 ;).

    I think more than anything the facts that they are cheaper and faster the previous models are more impressive than anything else and with tempt a lot of people to join the "dark side" of Mac.

    kozmic stu
    Aug 24, 02:10 AM
    At least this gets it all out of the way, hey.


    Phantom Rouge (http://phantom-rouge.co.uk) - The Artwork of Eleanor Hirst

    Oct 12, 03:39 PM
    You do realize HIV effects women differently than men? It also effects children differently than adults.

    Do yourself a favor and do a quick google on how much money has been spent on HIV research and prevention for children and women, compare that to men with HIV. Then do a search on children/women with HIV and mortality rates compared to men w/HIV.

    We live in a very sexist society. HIV research was never funded or taken seriously by society at large until heterosexual white men started to develop AIDS.

    Ha ha, You are nuts. Let me tell you how it works.

    Nobody gets rich by curing a disease. That is why diabetes, AIDS, HIV etc are all treated with "Keep you alive but not cure you drugs" that you have to buy for the rest of your life. The government and drug companies are in it together and are pure evil. Ain't nobody going to cure anything unless they can keep making money doing it. Get it? Good.

    Sep 26, 10:00 PM
    When was the last time Think Secret had a rumor that turned out to be true? Who cares what TS claims, this rumor about "Cingular only" is not worth losing sleep over.

    Nevertheless, Apple is taking longer than I thought they would in bringing a phone to market. It does not seem like it will be introduced by Christmas and that's a pity.